Class Preview

The Hodder Valley Show
Saturday 9th September 2017



By Kind Permission of Mr & Mrs A Carr and The Duchy of Lancaster

President: Mr & Mrs Tom Wells 

The Show Schedule will be published shortly but in the meantime we present the Horticultural Preview so that you can prepare early get clicking, stitching, painting etc etc !!

Click here for recipes (practice makes perfect)

Cakes, Breads and Puddings

CBP 1 :Fruit Cake -Not Iced (Must follow recipe detailed above)
CBP 2 :4 Shortbread fingers
CBP 3 :4 Raspberry Buns
CBP 4 :4 Pieces of Chocolate Brownie
CBP 5 :A 21st Birthday Cake (judged on decoration only)
CBP 6 :4 Ginger biscuits (Must follow recipe detailed above))
CBP 7 :A Victoria Sandwich Cake- Jam Filled with Castor Sugar Topping
CBP 8 :Gooseberry Cake - (follow recipe above)
CBP 9 :An Individual Pork Pie
CBP 10:Lemon Drizzle Cake (Must follow recipe above)
CBP 11:A individual trifle to be displayed in a clear glass
CBP 12: A fruit pie with lattice top
CBP 13 :A Reject Cake (Entries taken on day by Stewards)
CBP 14 :Four fruit scones
CBP 15: A Traditional Loaf made in a Loaf Tin (not using a bread maker). No display board
CBP 16:Any other form of Bread (e.g. Plait, Flat Breads, Ciabatta). No display board
CBP 17 A cherry cake
CBP 18 :4 chocolate eclairs
CBP 19:A picnic for 2 people. Max area for display 60 x 60cm square , unlimited height
CBP 21:A Cake made by a Gentleman
CBP 22:A novelty pizza (16 years & under)
CBP 23:4 pieces of Millionaires Shortbread (16 years & under)

Eggs, Preserves and Fudge

EPF 1:4 Fresh Hen Eggs on a Plain White Saucer, extra saucer to be provided
EPF 4 :One jar of Jelly (Savoury or Sweet)
EPF 6:One Jar of Chutney
EPF 7:One Jar of Marmalade
EPF 8 :One Jar of Jam- Soft Fruit
EPF 9:One Jar of Jam- Hard Fruit
EPF 10:One Jar of Lemon Cheese
EPF 11:6 Pieces of Fudge to be displayed on a side plate
EPF 13:Home-made Fruit Liqueur - tasting glass to be provided by exhibitor
EPF 14:Jar of Preserved fruit.


Floral Art
Flowers may be purchased for this section.
FA 1 :My Old School Days
FA 2 :A floral ring
FA 3 :An exhibit depicting a Beatles song
FA 4 :A Floral Cupcake
FA 5 :Fireworks
FA 6 :An Autumn Arrangemnt in a basket
F 1 :Bowl of Mixed Roses (Vases disqualified)
F 2 :A single bloom - any variety
F 4 :Vase of Sweet Peas (5 Spikes)
F 5 :3 gladiolii spikes displayed in a vase
F 6 :Basket of Garden Flowers
F 7 :Bowl of Mixed Dahlias- space 90cm x 60cm to be arranged by exhibitor for effect- no extra foliage to be used
F 8 :A Vase of pink Flowers
F 10 :One vase of assorted Perennials or Annuals
F 12 :A Planted Unusual Container
F 14 :A single bloom in an unusual container (Under 16)
F 16 :Planted Welly (U16)
F 17 :Necklace of Fruit and Vegetables (Under 16)
Handicrafts and Art Section
HA 1 :Fabric patchwork bauble
HA 2 :Picture using mainly buttons & beads
HA 3 :An Item of Needlework
HA 4 :Any item or picture in cross stitch
HA 5 :A handmade Christmas Card 
HA 6 :An Item of Bookfolding
HA 7 :A Handmade Cushion (any medium)
HA 8 :Handmade Draught Excluder
HA 9 :A Wrapped parcel
HA 10 :Patchwork, Quilting and Applique
HA 11:An Item of Jewellery
HA 12 A handmade twiddle muff - instructiosn at back of schedule
HA 13: A Pencil or Ink Sketch or Drawing (Max. size A3, max. 2 entries per exhibitor)
HA 14 :A Painting in any Media ( Max size A3, max 2 entries per exhibitor)
HA 15 :Any kind of handicraft (under 16 only)
HA 16 :Any kind of Handicraft to be judged on workmanship and ingenuity
max size 10" x 12" including mount
max 2 entries per class
P 1 :Bridges
P 2 :People at work
P 3 : Scene at an Agricultural Show
P 4 :Down by the Water
P 5 :Shadows
P 6 :Down on the Farm
P 7 :Wild Flowers
P 8 :The Sky
P 9 :A Splash of Colour
P 10 :A Bowland View
Vegetables and Fruit
VF1 :Four Pods Of Peas
VF 2 :Four Runner Beans
VF 3 :Four French Beans
VF 4 :Four Broad Beans
VF 5 :Six Tomatoes on a Plate
VF 7 :One Cucumber
VF 8 :One Lettuce with Root
VF 9 :One Green Cabbage with Root
VF 10:One Marrow
VF 11:Mustard and Cress grown in an unusual container (under 16)
VF 12:Two Roots of Beet with Tops
VF 13:Three Carrots with Tops
VF 14 :Two Courgettes
VF 15 :Any fruits to be displayed on a plate (under 16)
VF 16 :Misshaped Vegetable (entries to be taken on the day)
VF 17 :Four Potatoes
VF 19:An Entry of Own Choice from Garden or Greenhouse
VF 20:School Gardening Club "Basket of Produce Display" To include anything grown by the children in the school garden.
VF 21:Three Onions
VF 22:Two Leeks
Young Farmers Handicrafts - Open
YFHO 3:A photograph "Farming Life"
YFHO 4:4 pieces of Rocky Road
YFHO 5:A trio of desserts. Cutlery to taste to be provided
YFHO 6:A homemade Quiche
YFHO 7:A Decorated Child's Birthday Cake
YFHO 8:A Vegetable Animal
YFHO 9:A Lego Model max size 30 x 30 cm
YFHO 10: A Sock Puppet
YFHO 11:A Pencil Sketch - not to exceed A4
YFHO 12: A non-alcoholic cocktail - recipe to be displayed
Young Farmers Handicrafts - Slaidburn Only
YFHS 1 Any other Handicraft Item, Girls only
YFHS 2 Any Other Handicraft, Boys Only