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The Hodder Valley Show
Saturday 9th September 2017



By Kind Permission of The Duchy of Lancaster and The Carr Family

Presidents: Mr  T Wells RVM & Mrs J Wells

The Shire Horse is a breed of draught horse and comes in various colours, including black, bay and grey. Shires are noticeable for their stature, Stallions stand at 17 hands (68 inches/173cm) and over. Mares stand at slightly less - 16 hands (64 inches/163cm) and over. The breed often has legs covered in white long hairs known as "feather".


The Shire has been used throughout its history for agricultural purposes, including ploughing and pulling carts and trailers. In addition many people will have seen Shires pulling brewery wagons delivering ale to customers. This practice continues today with the local Thwaites Brewery which made Shire-drawn deliveries from the early 1800's to the 1920's, then resumed service in 1960 to the present day. Further the breed has been used for forestry, leisure riding and promotional pursuits.


Shires have an easy going temperament and have been attending our show for many years.


We are privileged that they attend year after year. It is an early start washing, plaiting and making sure their horses are immaculate before travelling often great distances.


Please come to our show which is situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty where you will see examples of our marvellous equine heritage.


For further information, please contact Gilly Musson tel 07949 109344.

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