Hodder Valley Show

Saturday 14th September 2024

Hallgate Hill, Newton in Bowland BB7 3AB

By Kind Permission of Mr & Mrs B Pinder, United Utilities,

Mr & Mrs M Pinder, and The Carr Family


                                                         President : Mrs Aldwyth Pearson


2024 Hodder Valley Show Horticultural Schedule. (On line entries will be launched in due course)



CBP 1 A mini Fruit Cake - decorated as you like (Must follow recipe detailed online/in schedule )
CBP 2 4 Pieces of Millionaire’s Shortbread
CBP 3 4 Savoury Scones
CBP 4 4 Pieces of Currant Slice (Fly Pie)
CBP 5 1 Portion of Sticky Toffee Pudding - judged on appearance and taste
CBP 6 4 Sweet Biscuits - different flavours /types to be displayed in a tin
CBP 7 A Victoria Sandwich Cake- Jam Filled with Castor Sugar Topping ( One cake split, not two sandwiched together)
CBP 8 A Date and Walnut Loaf
CBP 9 4 Maid of Honour Tarts - (Pastry, Jam and Sponge Topping)
CBP 10 Lemon Drizzle Cake (Must follow recipe detailed online/in schedule)
CBP 11 A White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake ( unbaked )
CBP 12 1 Sausage Roll
CBP 13 Worst baking mistake - A Reject item of baking (Entries taken on day by Stewards)
CBP 14 A Savoury Pie - no bigger than 8'' (20cms)
CBP 15 Any form of Bread - no display board (use of a breadmaker is allowed)
CBP 16 4 Bread Rolls
CBP 17 An individual Lemon or Lime Possett - judged on appearance and taste
CBP 18 4 Identical Savoury Canapes - judged on appearance and taste
CBP 19 A cake made including a fruit - please state fruit alongside cake
CBP 21 A Decorated Chocolate Cake
CBP 22 4 Decorated Cupcakes to celebrate the Paris Olympics (U16)
CBP 23 4 Animal Biscuits (U 16)

Eggs, Preserves and Fudge

EPF 1 5 Fresh Hen Eggs on a Plain White Saucer, extra saucer to be provided
EPF 4 One jar of Jelly (Savoury or Sweet)
EPF 6 One Jar of Chutney
EPF 7 One Jar of Marmalade
EPF 8 One Jar of Jam- Soft Fruit
EPF 9 One Jar of Jam- Hard Fruit
EPF 10 One Jar of Lemon Cheese
EPF 11 7 Pieces of Fudge to be displayed on a side plate
EPF 13 Home-made Fruit Liqueur - tasting glass to be provided by exhibitor
EPF 14 Jar of Preserved Fruit

Floral Art
Flowers may be purchased for this section.

FA 1 An Arrangement in a Terracotta Pot
FA 2 "Oranges and Lemons" Max base Size 60cm x 60cm
FA 3 An Arrangement in a Cup and Saucer
FA 4 "Summer Holiday " Max base Size 60cm x 60cm
FA 5 A Hedgerow Ring
FA 6 "Diamonds are Forever " Max base 60cm x 60cm​
F 1 Bowl of Mixed Roses (Vases disqualified) Roses must be grown by Exhibitor
F 2 A Single Bloom - any variety
F 3 A Vase of Sweet Peas ( 5 Spikes)
F 4 Vase of Nasturtiums displayed with their leaves
F 5 3 Blooms of the same variety -displayed in a vase.
F 6 Basket of Garden Flowers - arranged for effect
F 7 Bowl of Mixed Dahlias- space 90cm x 60cm to be arranged by exhibitor for effect- no extra foliage to be used
F 8 A Variety of Pink Flowers - displayed in a vase
F 10 A Vase of assorted Garden Flowers
F 12 A bowl of Cacti or Succulents
F 14 Garden Flowers displayed in a Jug (Under 16)
F 16 A bowl of floating flowers (Under 16)
Handicrafts and Art Section
All items entered this year must NOT have been entered in the Handicraft Section in previous years

HA 1 Any Item or Picture in Hand Embroidery
HA 2 Any item made in Wool - State size on entry form
HA 3 Any Item or Picture in Cross stitch
HA 4 A Postcard depicting the 2024 Paris Olympics - Any Medium
HA 5 A Patchwork or Applique Wall Hanging or Cushion - no larger than 24 inches x 24 inches
HA 6 A Soft Toy
HA 7 A Bookmark - Any Medium
HA 8 Dressmaking - A Summer Dress
HA 9 A handmade Decorated Gift Box - no larger than 15" x 15"
HA 10 A Quilt made in Patchwork and/or Applique - a stool or chair to display item to be provided by Exhibitor
HA 11 An item made from Metal - Max Size 60cm x 60cm x120 cm
HA 12 An Item made from Wood - Max Size 60cm x 60cm x120 cm
HA 13 A Pencil or Ink Sketch or Drawing (Max. size A3, max. 2 entries per exhibitor)
HA 14 A Painting in any Medium Max size A3, max 2 entries per exhibitor
HA 15 3 Paper Flowers to be displayed in a Jam Jar
HA 16 A Door Stop - any medium

PLEASE NOTE : ALL CLASSES : Photographs will be accepted up to
10" x 12" ( including mount) AND must be marked on the reverse side
with class number or the entry will be disqualified. Professional
photographers or professionally taken photographs are excluded

P 1 Sunset
P 2 Down by the Water
P 3 A Monochrome View
P 4 Animal Kingdom
P 5 Historic Buildings
P 6 Something beginning with ' H '
P 7 Nature Study​
P 8 A Single Tree
P 9 The Happy Couple
P 10 Foreign Travel

Vegetables and Fruit

VF 1 Four Pods Of Peas
VF 2 Four Runner Beans
VF 3 Four French Beans
VF 4 Four Broad Beans
VF 5 Six Large Tomatoes displayed on a plate
VF 6 Six Small Tomatoes displayed on a plate
VF 7 One Cucumber
VF 8 One Lettuce with Root
VF 9 One Green Cabbage with Root
VF 10 3 Apples - Eating variety
VF 11 A Vegetable Animal
VF 12 Two Roots of Beet with Tops
VF 13 Three Carrots with Tops
VF 14 Two Courgettes
VF 15 Basket/Trug of Produce from your garden greenhouse. Max Size 50cm x 50cm
VF 16 Misshaped Vegetable (entries to be taken on the day)
VF 17 Four Potatoes
VF 18 Four Plums any variety displayed on a plate
VF 19 A Single Entry of Own Choice from Garden or Greenhouse. One entry per exhibitor.
VF 20 Basket of Produce from School Garden
VF 21 Three Onions
VF 22 Two Leeks

Hodder Valley Show Children’s Classes 2024

EY (Pre-School)
PS1 – A4 PRINT PS2 – A3 Painting PS3 – Craft. 3D model/textile max 30x30cm in any direction

FS (Reception)
R1 – A4 PRINT R2 – A3 Painting R3 – Craft. 3D model/textile max 30x30cm in any direction

Y12 1 – A4 PRINT Y12 2 – A4 Painting Y12 3 – Mounted Photograph A5 Y12 4 – Craft. 3D model/textile max 30x30cm in any direction

Years 3/4
Y34 1 – A4 PRINT Y34 2 – A4 Painting Y34 3 – Mounted Photograph A5 Y34 4 – Craft. 3D model/textile max 15x15cm in any direction Y34 5 – Handwriting. (tbc)

Years 5/6
Y56 1 – A4 PRINT Y56 2 – A4 Painting Y56 3 – Mounted Photograph A5 Y56 4 – Craft. 3D model/textile max 15x15cm in any direction Y56 5 – Handwriting. (TBC)

U16 Classes – these can be done at Home or in School

U16 1 – Photograph: ‘Fun and Friendship’
U16 2 – Collage: A bird or animal using natural materials – A3
U16 3 – A ’Farm themed 8" cake’ to be judged on decoration
U16 4 – Craft: A shoebox habitat
U16 5 – An A4 mounted computer poster advertising ‘The Hodder Valley Show’
U16 6 – Handwriting






For further details contact Martyn tel 07817 445956